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The Secret Garden is located in a replica of a traditional Aruban cunucu (countryside) home. Our treasured garden is the setting for an authentic, local in-home dining experience…a truly unique and unforgettable experience on Aruba.

We offer community table experiences where you will dine with other visitors to the island as well as locals. Once a week we offer The Cunucu Table, serving six tasting courses of local cuisine with a gourmet touch, sourcing local as much as possible. We also offer The Vegan Table, our plant-based, six-course experience presenting vegan comfort food that makes you go mmmmm….check here for event dates, menus, and booking.

Press & Guest Reviews

“If you want to get seriously local… book a dinner at The Secret Garden. I had a plant-based meal, and it was incredible.”

Becca Glasser-Baker, from New York Metro’s “The Ultimate Guide to Aruba”

“Far from the predictable surf and turf and pina colada one might expect and deservedly crave on such a trip, the dinner is one of the many refreshing and decidedly local experiences now on offer to tourists.” 

Jennifer Smith, U.K.’s Daily Mail

“A magical experience! Chefs Tina and Tony dazzled us with their vegan comfort food creations… hosts Tracy and Jen made each of us feel taken care of throughout the entire night. ⁣ An experience not to be missed.”

Meredith Marin, Vegan Aruba

“Fantastic food in a cozy atmosphere. Most enjoyable–everything from welcome cocktail to yummy dessert! Great company too!”

Rona Coster

“A wonderful and creative experience ..enjoying delicious vegan food in Aruba!!! My third visit…and more to come…”

Janique Schilders

“This was unlike anything I had done before on this island in 20 years. The entire evening was so special. Between the lights and the music and the flowing Prosecco, it was impossible not to enjoy.”

Meagan Mackenzie Van Cooten

“Magical place, delicious food and best service. A one of a kind experience. Highly recommended!!!”

Donna Upegui with Donna Health & Happiness

“Amazing tropical, chic atmosphere. Food was to die for and the hostesses were outstanding…can’t wait to return!”

Laurie Brandt

“Awesome food, beautiful garden, great company, wonderful hostesses!”

Evy Raven

Let’s experience an evening together.

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